About us


We’ll babysit your kids and walk your dog


We could tell you about the 20 plus years of experience our builders have.

But we don’t want to.

We could tell you about building beautiful educational institutions and notable public buildings.

But we don’t think it’s important.

We could tell you about our close association with interesting and award-winning Architects; and building award-winning architectural designs.


What we DO want to tell you about is people.

Sometimes we feel like we’re friendly with three quarters of Canberra from way back; working on challenging and rewarding job after job.

We want to tell you about the job where we worked all night for two months, cutting concrete in the freezing cold and coming home at the crack of dawn.

We’ll tell you about the lovely client who was a shift worker and we ran a near silent job site so that she could sleep (to the best of our ability!)

Or the many, many jobs in schools and child-care centres, where we feel like we’re babysitters instead of builders (if the shoe fits)

We’re People People.

We’re here to give you want you need….

If you don’t know, let’s work it out; then make that budget stretch so that at the end of your project you think “that’s EXACTLY what I want”.

If you are as keen as we are,

browse our gallery and send us an email to have a chat